Monday, 7 July 2014

Immi wins a prize!

Immi's Gift (American title, Peachtree Publishers) wins a Judge's Choice Illustrators Award at the children's museum in Philadelphia.

The Please Touch Museum's Book Award is the only award of its kind presented by a children's museum to honor the publication of quality books for young children. The award is given to books that are imaginative, exceptionally illustrated, and that help foster a child's life-long love of reading. 

What a treat to be flown over for a few days to receive the award, participate in events, hold some workshops and meet the most amazing people!

Thank you to Education Coordinator Heather Boyd for organising everything.

On the steps of this amazing building with other award winners Will Hillenbrand and Jules Feiffer.

 Busy illustrators at my workshop in the museum.

 Local school children came for the Award Ceremony and story time.

Party time at the Story Book Ball.

And playtime!

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