Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Immi's Igloo Live !!! Pop Up Festival of Stories

This is just a little look at this wonderful day - just to bring back memories you if you were there and to see what you missed if you couldn't make it!

See the brand new Pop Up website http://pop-up.org.uk/

Check out this link http://pop-up.org.uk/projects-cic/ and click on 'Watch the Pop Up Story' to find out more.

Welcome !
What's happening ? 
All these young artists enjoying meeting real illustrators ... here's my friend Guy Parker -Rees giving expert tuition !
And the amazing Art Gallery just grew and grew
Live music made us feel like we were following the Pied Piper... carrying balloons with special messages to fly off into the sky. The furthest reply came back from Hertfordshire but I"m sure some of them reached some wondrous locations !
Margaret Bateson -Hill captivating the audience as always with her magical storytelling
Everyone needs a break
Especially Immi!
The day is ending ...
Someone has to clear up !